Our Products


Building on the vision from our founders - to solve monumental challenges in agriculture with technology - we believe in creating end-to-end products. Combining decades of agriculture industry knowledge with deep expertise in enabling technologies, our focus is delivering products that enable customers to work efficiently, sustainably and profitably.

The Challenge

Farmers must protect their growing crops throughout the season from aggressive weeds. Crops need space, access to sunlight and key nutrients to thrive. A farmer’s first line of defense against weeds is chemicals. But unfortunately today, application technology sprays the entire field instead of just the weeds.

Our See & Spray™ Technology

See & Spray™ is a solution for farmers seeking a path forward to care for individual plants in a way that is sustainable for the environment and their farm as a business.

The magic is Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Robotics.

Blue River Technology’s solution leverages deep learning algorithms paired with a computer vision system to create the ultimate virtual field scout for agriculture. Through 5+ years of collecting millions of images of plants and weeds across hundreds of thousands of acres, See & Spray™ is capable of detecting a variety of crops and weeds to provide weed control throughout a growing season.

Our customers will soon have this technology in their hands...not in 10 years, but now!

And in 2020, we proved Blue River’s See & Spray™ Technology is viable on farmers’ preferred application vehicle – a self propelled sprayer. Now in 2021, we will continue to test the system with a target of offering this to all growers.

“I don’t like seeing weeds – we take pride in clean fields – it’s a reflection on our management,” said Indiana soybean, corn and wheat grower.

“The more I learn about soils, I’m uncertain about what effect the chemical is having on our soil chemistry. So, I am excited about See & Spray™,” said Nebraska soybean and corn grower.

“We are spending over $100/ac on weed control, we need a different solution,” said Georgia cotton and peanut grower.

Check back soon (and often) for more about our See & Spray™ portfolio of products – and the other products we are developing.