Our Purpose

Solving monumental challenges for our customers.

Pioneering Intelligent Machinery.
Impacting Global Sustainability.
Highly-Engaged Employees & Culture.
Revolutionizing Agriculture.

Our Mission
Our Mission

We’re Creating Intelligent Tech that Makes a Tangible Difference.

By optimizing chemical usage and reimagining routine processes, we are improving farming yields while minimizing impact on the planet.

Our Mission
Our Methods

Agriculture is a global frontier for the future of innovation in robotics.

It provides the building blocks to everything we consume—and the opportunities to create are endless. If you’re looking for a unique challenge in your career, you’ve found your playground.

We create and iterate on computer vision, machine learning, and robotics to create intelligent machinery on a world-wide scale. We are simply beginning the adventure; can we count you in?

Our Method

Creating Robotics for Agriculture

Getting Our Boots Dirty

Bringing Products to Market

Get Ready to Get Your Boots Dirty

Silicon Valley tech meets the great outdoors. Your work isn’t contained to the lab. We get in the field to truly relate to our customers, fueling our ability to reimagine solutions into exactly what they need to make an impact.

Our Culture
Our Culture

We are a People-First Company.

Everyone here has a common mission: to create intelligent machinery that solves monumental challenges in agriculture. We encourage cross-discipline collaboration and transparent communication to strengthen the team. High support meets high challenge to do stuff that matters.

To be successful, we value the accomplishments of the team as a whole. We encourage cross-discipline collaboration and transparent communication to help strengthen the team.


Guru of Controls

Everyone plays a role in our overall success - whether you are in engineering, product, people or our admin teams.


Keeps our office running so teams can focus on customers.

Diverse talent that brings different experiences and points of view makes us stronger.

Nicola and Tobias

Collaborating to get See & Spray™ in our customers hands.

Adventure Awaits!

Get Ready for the Greatest Adventure of Your Career