Creating Robotics for Agriculture

From our See & Spray™ technology, to first-of-its-kind innovations, and beyond; we are taking computer vision, machine learning, robotics and product development to an industry no one has ever taken it before. Your contributions can revolutionize our world from the ground up - literally.

Bringing Products to Market

Our team not only builds intelligent machinery but sees it through until it’s out and working in the fields. We have a widespread distribution network ready for our technology and get to see it make a tangible difference in the real world.

Getting our Boots Dirty

We are not contained to a lab—the farm and field are your office. We’ve seen our machinery at work in real-life operations, and we can test and iterate right here in our office. We work hands-on in every step of the process. Getting in the field helps us truly relate to our customers, fueling our ability to reimagine our solutions into being the most impactful and efficient that it can be.

“We seek solutions to optimize chemical use, improve environmental sustainability, and increase customer profitability.”

Impacting Global Sustainability

We are committed to making a positive change in our world - for our customers and for the environment.

We aren’t just working on technology; we are making a positive impact through technology. Through innovating and optimizing solutions for our customers, we’re creating a space where environment and economic sustainability intersect.

Are we serious about the impact we have on the environment? Yes. It’s even in our name – Rivers are better when they are blue and at Blue River our solutions are geared to be part of the solution.

Our "Win Win Win": Keeping Food on Tables for Years to Come. Optimizing Global Chemical Usage. Improving Economic Sustainability for our Customers

In a world of herbicide resistance...

We are Revolutionizing weed control.

With the rise of herbicide-tolerant weeds, there are fewer and fewer effective solutions. Herbicide resistance in weeds is a worsening threat. Blue River's solution starts here.

Farmers around the world need a new way to address the weed control challenge.

Over-relying on a handful of broadcast-spray chemicals fuels the evolution of herbicide tolerance. Fighting these weeds hurts farmers’ crops and their profitability.

Precision Weed Control

Some of our Awards.

Eco Startup Showcase Winner, SXSW, 2013 Innovation Research Grant, National Science Foundation

Some of our Awards

The Artificial Intelligence 100, CB Insights, 2017 Most Innovative Robotics Companies, Fast Company, 2017

Some of our Awards

Disruptive Innovation Award, World Agri-Tech Summit 2017 Innovation Awards, AgFunder, 2016 Technology Pioneer, World Economic Forum, 2015

Some of our Awards

Top 50 Agriculture Innovation, ASABE, 2017 25 Most Disruptive Companies, Inc. Magazine 2017 Global Cleantech Top 100 Companies, Cleantech, 2017

Our Core Competencies

Computer Vision and Machine Learning

We were the first commercial operation to successfully deploy a solution that paired computer vision and machine learning in lettuce farming – achieving the perfect plant spacing for the lettuce to grow. Since then, we have expanded the application of computer vision and machine learning in agriculture to solve weed vs. crop differentiation, farm object detection, and large machinery control. As we continue to develop and apply our expertise, we look forward to creating technology to make the 21st century farmer more productive and sustainable.

Full Stack Software Development

From our founding, we built and deployed software to our machines with an iterative approach to moving fast and building machines that can last through agriculture’s challenging questions. With machines being simultaneously prototyped within our office, our software teams create and deploy code with quick feedback cycles.


Through cross-discipline collaboration, this mission-driven and daring team is eager to define the new frontier of agricultural robotics. We are always asking hard questions, rapidly iterating, and getting our boots in the field to figure it out.

Engineering prototypes and testing in our lab or at our test farm enables our teams to move fast. Our teams consist of mechanical, electrical, controls and software engineers. Our nimble culture enables engineers to talk directly with farmers to understand their challenges and bring back solutions to their farm.

Product Management

Our customers are at the core of everything we create. We don’t try to make assumptions or decisions from afar. We spend time in the fields, with our customers, to understand exactly what they need, and how to translate that into a solution. We listen to every detail, every pain point, every concern, and use that as fuel to create ever-evolving intelligent machinery for them.

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